Blair Witch

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Showdown, Solaria's father broke down as he asked for information on the whereabouts of his missing daughter. Locals say that the students were warned about dangers in the woods and superstious stories are being told about the fabled Blair Witch. Police investigations are on-going.

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After seeing news reports of the missing students and Showdown's appeals on the news for information about his missing daughter, eccentric millionaire and adventurer Baron Aemelius offered to help in the search.

[Image: baron2.jpg]

Interviewing locals including farmer Beyne he was able to build up a story of the students days before their disappearance.

After many days of searching he came upon the students abandoned tent. It was here that he found the students personal journals, photographs and video footage.

[Image: tenttapes.jpg]

Police are still examining this data but say they suspect that this evidence will help to document the students' journey though Dusk Wood and the events that led up to their disappearance. Further details are expected to follow shortly.


In October 2008, Solaria, Jaenelle and Humanpower hiked into Dusk Wood to shoot a documentary film on local legend “Blair Witch”. They were never heard from again.
Six months later their cameras, video footage and journals were found, documenting the students' five day journey though Dusk Wood and the terrifying events that led up to their disappearance. Police experts have been able to piece together the evidence to construct a story of the events as they happened. This is their story ....

We arrive in Dusk Wood and start our interviews with locals about the legend of Blair Witch. Some local farmers Beyne and Powar tell us of a hermit named Rustin Parr who kidnapped seven children in his house in the woods from 1940 to 1941. Parr brought the children into his basement in pairs, killing one child while one stood with their face toward a corner. He would then kill the corner child. Parr eventually handed himself into the police, later pleading insanity, saying that the spirit of a witch killed in the 18th century had convinced him to kill the seven children.

[Image: farmers.jpg]

We also interview Silentsoul, an eccentric woman, Silent emerges from her trailer holding a skull that she says wards off evil demons. She tells us that she had an encounter with the Blair Witch as a young girl. Silent tells us that she saw the Blair Witch near Tappy creek in the form of a feathery, half-human beast.

[Image: crazylady.jpg]

Image of Blair Witch as described by Silentsoul:-

[Image: blairw.jpg]

The next day, we begin to explore the woods near Dusk Wood to look for evidence of the Blair Witch. Along the way, some fishermen Alarm and Artel warn us that the woods are haunted. They tell the story of a girl who went missing for days at Coffin Rock. She returned to her grandma's porch 3 days later telling a wild story about an old feathery woman who's feet never touched the ground.

[Image: fishermen.jpg]

We decide to hike to Coffin Rock the next day, where five men were also found ritually murdered in the nineteenth century, we camp for the night.

[Image: hiker.jpg]

The next day we move deeper into the woods, despite being uncertain of our exact location on the map. We eventually locate what appears to be an old cemetery with a small cairn, a collection of stones that marks a burial site.

We set up camp nearby and then return to the cemetery after dark. Humanpower accidentally disturbs the cairn, and Solaria hastily repairs it. Later, we hear strange cracking sounds in the darkness, but cannot locate the source.

[Image: noises.jpg]

The following day we attempt to return to our vehicle, but fail to find it before darkness falls, and are forced to set camp. That night, we again hear cracking noises, but cannot see anything. The next morning we find that three small cairns have been built around our tent during the night.

[Image: 50320322.jpg]

We realize that we are now thoroughly lost, and decide to simply head south. Soon we discover a set of humanoid stick figures made of woven sticks and branches suspended from trees.

[Image: figures.jpg]

That night, we decide not to light a fire and to extinguish all lights in the hope that it won't give away our position and hence won't attract attention to ourselves. But again we hear more strange noises, including the sounds of children, and unknown entities brush against the sides of our tent. We flee our tent in panic and hide in the dark woods until dawn.

[Image: wooods.jpg]

The next morning, Humanpowar has disappeared.

Night again falls and we again wake to hear strange noises in the woods, including what seems to be Humanpowar's agonised screams. We stumble around in the dark looking for him, but there's no sign of him and it's impossible to tell which direction the screaming is coming from.

The next morning, Solaria finds a bundle of sticks and fabric outside their tent. Later inspection reveals it to contain blood-soaked scraps of clothing and what appears to be bloody human teeth and tissue, but she does not mention this to Jaenelle. That night, Solaria videotapes a confessional, apologising to her mother and to Humanpowar and Jaenelle's parents for her naivety accepting full blame for what has happened on the ill-fated expedition.

[Image: apologise2.jpg]

Later in the dead of night, we again hear Human's voice, closer this time, pleading for someone to help him and we abandon the tent to go in search of him. Following Human's voice, Solaria and Jaenelle find a derelict house in a clearing.

[Image: spookeyhouse.jpg]

Their camera shots show them going inside where they see runic symbols on the wall next to child sized bloody hand prints. Human's voice seems to be coming from somewhere inside the house and Jaenelle rushes upstairs in search of Human. Jaenelle then realizes that the voice is now in fact coming from the basement and rushes down the steps.

[Image: stairsf.jpg]

Suddenly, Jaenelle is rendered silent and the camera falls. A hysterical Solaria follows and sees Jaenelle in the corner of the room, face against the wall.

[Image: jaenelle.jpg]

Suddenly Solaria's camera is knocked down too and and her screams suddenly fall silent, her discarded camera films for a few seconds more and cuts off ....

[Image: wowscrnshot070509181729.jpg]

The End

Directed by Jaenelle
Co-director/wardrobe lady : Solaria
Scene researchers : Jaenelle, Beyne, Solaria, Aemelius
Special effects provided by Sugarsweet

Students : Jaenelle, Solaria, Humanpowar
Farmers : Beyne, Powar
Fishermen : Artel, Alarm
Eccentric lady : Silentsoul
Reporter : Gobarnachta
Solaria's father : Showdown
Baron Aemelius as himself Tongue

AND starring as Blair Witch ........ Jale 

Thelma and Louise

Thelma (Salmakya) and Louise (Solaria) were 2 bored Wow players who decided to set off on a two-day vacation of fishing in the mountains.

[Image: 2j3gvts.jpg]

They crash into a tree on the way, leaving Thelma feeling all perculiar and upside down!

[Image: 157gbk4.jpg]
[Image: a1k6ex.jpg]

They stop off at a drive through McDonalds and a horde player tries to attack the girls.

[Image: 2gx09dy.jpg]

But Louise kills the horde and leaves him dead in the street. Afraid that the authorities will prosecute her, Louise decides to run away, and Thelma follows.

[Image: b821eg.jpg]

They flee west and on the way they meet a handsome, personable young man Beyne Pitt.

[Image: 15wcuht.jpg]

Unfortunately, Beyne steals Louise's life savings, the scoundrel! So the girls rob a bank to get the money back.

[Image: 20tflnr.jpg]

After this they get persued by the law. In the end, with the police on their tail, Thelma and Louise are cornered near the rim of the Grand Canyon. Rather than be captured and spend the rest of their lives in jail, they make a final choice. They decide to drive the chopper over the cliff into the canyon, an act which is surely going to result in both their deaths.

[Image: idw4n4.jpg]

But amazingly they land in the water and float to the sea where they are transformed into crabs! They then spend the rest of their happy days enjoying the sun and feeding on the fruits of the sea!

[Image: 2jb70r9.jpg]


A Story made by Solaria & Jaenelle Smile
And also starring Beyne.

TPA in the Pirates of Azeroth

The East Azeroth Trading Company (EATC) arrives in Howling Fjord to extend its monopoly in Azeroth and purge piracy from its waters.

EATC officer Lord Cutler Beckett arrests Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner as they are about to be married.

Beckett threatens to execute them for aiding Captain Jack Sparrow's escape, but he offers clemency if Will agrees to hunt for Jack and his magical compass which points to what its possessor wants most.

Before he sets off, Will goes to see Elizabeth who Beckett has kept in jail to make sure Will keeps his part of the bargain. He tells her of the deal.

Meanwhile Jack Sparrow has troubles of his own. Thirteen years before, Captain Davy Jones raised the Black Pearl from the ocean depths and made Sparrow its captain. In exchange, Jack must now serve aboard the Flying Dutchman for 100 years, or be hunted by Jones' beast, the Kraken. Davy Jones sends henchman Bootstrap Bill to tell Jack his time is up.

[Image: timesup.jpg]

[Image: raisedpearl.jpg]

Jack has been hiding on a cannibal-inhabited island and Wills informers lead him there. Will learns that Jack has been searching for a particular chest. Jack agrees to give Will the compass if he helps him find the key and the chest it unlocks.

[Image: needa.jpg]

Seeking assistance from Tia Dalma, an obeah priestess, Jack learns the compass fails to work because he does not know what he truly wants. The key, Tia tells him, unlocks the Dead Man's Chest containing Davy Jones' still-beating heart - to avoid lost love's pain, Jones carved the heart from his chest and buried it. Whomever possesses the heart controls Davy Jones, thereby controlling the world's oceans.

[Image: tiadal.jpg]

[Image: detiny.jpg]

[Image: heartk.jpg]

Later, the Dutchman encounters the Black Pearl and a battle takes place on board ship.

[Image: bb1qq.jpg]

[Image: bb2c.jpg]

[Image: bb3z.jpg]

[Image: bb4e.jpg]

Davy Jones eventually over powers Jack. Jack then deviously attempts to barter Will in exchange for himself. Jones demands 100 souls within three days in exchange for Jack's freedom and keeps Will as a "good faith payment," leaving Jack only 99 more souls to harvest.

[Image: deal1e.jpg]

[Image: 100aouls.jpg]

Elizabeth manages to escape from jail and posing as a cabin boy on a merchant vessel, she lands in Howling Fjord where she finds Jack desperately recruiting unsuspecting sailors in a pub to pay off his blood debt. He recruits Jenny Norrington, an English officer who's turned to piracy.

[Image: tavernf.jpg]

At the pier, Jack reveals the compass' secret to Elizabeth; it points to what the holder wants most in the world. When he convinces her that she can save Will by finding the chest, she gets a bearing.

[Image: compassa.jpg]

The compass takes them to Isla Cruces where Jack, Norrington, and Elizabeth find the Dead Man's Chest. Will, who has escaped the Dutchman, arrives with the key he stole from Davy Jones. A fight erupts as they argue what to do with the heart.

[Image: chest.jpg]

[Image: keyqz.jpg]

Then Davy Jones crew, the foresaken pirates, arrive to recover the chest and a furious battle commences on the beach with Sparrows crew.

[Image: beach1.jpg]

[Image: beach5g.jpg]

[Image: beach2j.jpg]

[Image: beach8b.jpg]

[Image: beach6.jpg]

[Image: beach4y.jpg]

[Image: beach3g.jpg]

Norrington eventually escapes with the heart. The Pearl sets sail pursued by the Dutchman but, with the wind behind them, the Pearl outruns her.

[Image: depths.jpg]

[Image: blackpearl.jpg]

[Image: faster.jpg]

Jones summons the Kraken.

[Image: summon.jpg]

[Image: wowscrnshot092809123759.jpg]

[Image: kraken4.jpg]

[Image: kraken3.jpg]

Jack gives the order to abandon ship before the Kraken makes its final assault. Realizing the Kraken is only hunting Jack, a deceptive Elizabeth kisses him while handcuffing him to the mast as bait. Wracked with guilt over her betrayal, Elizabeth tells the others Jack chose to remain behind, unaware that Will saw her kiss Jack and now believes she loves him.

[Image: timeup.jpg]

[Image: moments.jpg]

Jack manages to escape from the handcuffs and draws his cutlass and goes down fighting as the Kraken lunges for him; the colossal beast drags him and the Pearl to a watery grave.

[Image: kraken2w.jpg]

Davy Jones declares Jack's debt settled. Will, Elizabeth and Jack's crew return home. Tia Dalma tells them that to save Jack from Davy Jones locker they must journey to World's End. They agree that they must save Jack and vow to set off on a journey to rescue him.

[Image: saveq.jpg]

Part II to follow maybe!!! Will Jack be rescued?!!!

Actors were :-
Jack Sparrow - Showdown
Will Turner - Valaur
Elizabeth - Deenell
Davy Jones - Alarm
Tia Dalma - Jale
Bootstrap Bill - Powar
Jenny Norrington - Jaenelle
Lord Cutler Beckett - Vexenbash
Jack Sparrow's scurvey crew :- Arbitrax, Tashy, Laddy, Valaur, Vexenbash, Mauri, Astarielle, Powar, Deenell and others who I can't remember (sorry!)

ANDDD as himself - The Kraken!!

Thanks to Aemelius for scene researching too.

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