Thelma and Louise

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Thelma (Salmakya) and Louise (Solaria) were 2 bored Wow players who decided to set off on a two-day vacation of fishing in the mountains.

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They crash into a tree on the way, leaving Thelma feeling all perculiar and upside down!

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They stop off at a drive through McDonalds and a horde player tries to attack the girls.

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But Louise kills the horde and leaves him dead in the street. Afraid that the authorities will prosecute her, Louise decides to run away, and Thelma follows.

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They flee west and on the way they meet a handsome, personable young man Beyne Pitt.

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Unfortunately, Beyne steals Louise's life savings, the scoundrel! So the girls rob a bank to get the money back.

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After this they get persued by the law. In the end, with the police on their tail, Thelma and Louise are cornered near the rim of the Grand Canyon. Rather than be captured and spend the rest of their lives in jail, they make a final choice. They decide to drive the chopper over the cliff into the canyon, an act which is surely going to result in both their deaths.

[Image: idw4n4.jpg]

But amazingly they land in the water and float to the sea where they are transformed into crabs! They then spend the rest of their happy days enjoying the sun and feeding on the fruits of the sea!

[Image: 2jb70r9.jpg]


A Story made by Solaria & Jaenelle Smile
And also starring Beyne.


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