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The East Azeroth Trading Company (EATC) arrives in Howling Fjord to extend its monopoly in Azeroth and purge piracy from its waters.

EATC officer Lord Cutler Beckett arrests Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner as they are about to be married.

Beckett threatens to execute them for aiding Captain Jack Sparrow's escape, but he offers clemency if Will agrees to hunt for Jack and his magical compass which points to what its possessor wants most.

Before he sets off, Will goes to see Elizabeth who Beckett has kept in jail to make sure Will keeps his part of the bargain. He tells her of the deal.

Meanwhile Jack Sparrow has troubles of his own. Thirteen years before, Captain Davy Jones raised the Black Pearl from the ocean depths and made Sparrow its captain. In exchange, Jack must now serve aboard the Flying Dutchman for 100 years, or be hunted by Jones' beast, the Kraken. Davy Jones sends henchman Bootstrap Bill to tell Jack his time is up.

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Jack has been hiding on a cannibal-inhabited island and Wills informers lead him there. Will learns that Jack has been searching for a particular chest. Jack agrees to give Will the compass if he helps him find the key and the chest it unlocks.

[Image: needa.jpg]

Seeking assistance from Tia Dalma, an obeah priestess, Jack learns the compass fails to work because he does not know what he truly wants. The key, Tia tells him, unlocks the Dead Man's Chest containing Davy Jones' still-beating heart - to avoid lost love's pain, Jones carved the heart from his chest and buried it. Whomever possesses the heart controls Davy Jones, thereby controlling the world's oceans.

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Later, the Dutchman encounters the Black Pearl and a battle takes place on board ship.

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Davy Jones eventually over powers Jack. Jack then deviously attempts to barter Will in exchange for himself. Jones demands 100 souls within three days in exchange for Jack's freedom and keeps Will as a "good faith payment," leaving Jack only 99 more souls to harvest.

[Image: deal1e.jpg]

[Image: 100aouls.jpg]

Elizabeth manages to escape from jail and posing as a cabin boy on a merchant vessel, she lands in Howling Fjord where she finds Jack desperately recruiting unsuspecting sailors in a pub to pay off his blood debt. He recruits Jenny Norrington, an English officer who's turned to piracy.

[Image: tavernf.jpg]

At the pier, Jack reveals the compass' secret to Elizabeth; it points to what the holder wants most in the world. When he convinces her that she can save Will by finding the chest, she gets a bearing.

[Image: compassa.jpg]

The compass takes them to Isla Cruces where Jack, Norrington, and Elizabeth find the Dead Man's Chest. Will, who has escaped the Dutchman, arrives with the key he stole from Davy Jones. A fight erupts as they argue what to do with the heart.

[Image: chest.jpg]

[Image: keyqz.jpg]

Then Davy Jones crew, the foresaken pirates, arrive to recover the chest and a furious battle commences on the beach with Sparrows crew.

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Norrington eventually escapes with the heart. The Pearl sets sail pursued by the Dutchman but, with the wind behind them, the Pearl outruns her.

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[Image: blackpearl.jpg]

[Image: faster.jpg]

Jones summons the Kraken.

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[Image: wowscrnshot092809123759.jpg]

[Image: kraken4.jpg]

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Jack gives the order to abandon ship before the Kraken makes its final assault. Realizing the Kraken is only hunting Jack, a deceptive Elizabeth kisses him while handcuffing him to the mast as bait. Wracked with guilt over her betrayal, Elizabeth tells the others Jack chose to remain behind, unaware that Will saw her kiss Jack and now believes she loves him.

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Jack manages to escape from the handcuffs and draws his cutlass and goes down fighting as the Kraken lunges for him; the colossal beast drags him and the Pearl to a watery grave.

[Image: kraken2w.jpg]

Davy Jones declares Jack's debt settled. Will, Elizabeth and Jack's crew return home. Tia Dalma tells them that to save Jack from Davy Jones locker they must journey to World's End. They agree that they must save Jack and vow to set off on a journey to rescue him.

[Image: saveq.jpg]

Part II to follow maybe!!! Will Jack be rescued?!!!

Actors were :-
Jack Sparrow - Showdown
Will Turner - Valaur
Elizabeth - Deenell
Davy Jones - Alarm
Tia Dalma - Jale
Bootstrap Bill - Powar
Jenny Norrington - Jaenelle
Lord Cutler Beckett - Vexenbash
Jack Sparrow's scurvey crew :- Arbitrax, Tashy, Laddy, Valaur, Vexenbash, Mauri, Astarielle, Powar, Deenell and others who I can't remember (sorry!)

ANDDD as himself - The Kraken!!

Thanks to Aemelius for scene researching too.


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